Beckett Mobile App Reviews

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Basically Unusable

App is clunky, needs better features - i wanted to like this app but a big disappointment... hoping for a revamped update


Things I find in the app aren’t in the physical magazine. Ridiculous. Also, there is nary a place to cancel my subscription within the app. Very advantageous of the developers. Gross.

App is worthless- don’t bother

I tried using the app for a couple of hours and found it completely useless. No pictures were available and any info I needed required a monthly fee. I deleted it and found the information on the internet at no cost. Don’t bother downloading it.



Customer Service.

This is not concerning the App in general. I do not subscribe to Beckett because the times I tried and it said I had paid and now had Access. I never could get in and after numerous times of calling the man said you’re not subscribed. My credit card was charged for the month but I was so ‘fed up’ with their customer service or lack of I just let them have the money. I’d rather just get Baseball America and right or wrong make my own decision. I see I’m not alone.

Why no pictures?

For a company doing business as a Collectable card pricing and grading service, I would think you could at least have 80-90% of card pictures. Especially for such highly rated players as Griffey Jr and other HOF players. Some cards don't even have prices available or are way under going average prices on EBay. Would have expected better,thankfully just paying for one player pricing.

One star

I only gave Beckett one star because anytime a searched or took a picture of my card it told me there was no results found, personally I wouldn’t recommend this app.

Doesn’t work

App can’t read any cards says error file upload every time...and $10 a month for this? Lifetime of $100 sure but $10 a month no thanks

Very good

Does exactly what it says it does 👍🏻

When did Beckett become $11 a month?

Someone go and make this GREAT concept of live updated card prices, but for much less per month. I’ll subscribe.

Prices are outrageous

Monthly prices are way too high and lacking card prices. Not to mention the in-app purchases are extremely easy to authorize and there are no confirmations which make it easy to accidentally purchase. I contacted their support and received a sorry can’t help response when I sent in questions. Seems their support it outsourced.


I can’t really tell you anything about this app. You literally can’t do anything unless you pay $11 a month. I love collecting cards, but thats just too much to pay monthly for access to a phone app.

A must have!

I buy and sell various trading cards. This is a very quick and easy app to use! Updated with current market values! A++

Overpriced and subpar customer service!

I am giving this app a 2 star rating only because after having Beckett for years, I have utilized the price guides a lot. I find it ludacris that the prices continue to rise, now at $11 and unless you use every feature daily it's excessive in my opinion. I attempted to call to cancel over the span of several days with no one answering the subscription hotline. Finally on day 3 I tried a different option and got a hold of a gentleman who said he got through just fine and that I must've not called during working hours. After informing him that I tried just before getting him he said sorry you've already been charged for this month as of this morning. I told him that I've been trying for 3 days and he then tells me it must've been during hours they weren't open. I am appalled and disgusted by the level of customer service Beckett offers and will NEVER utilize anything Beckett again!

Complete crap

I bought this app for 11 bucks. My bad... I thought it meant something.

The Best!!!

Beckett never disappoints!!! This app is just another great day at to keep track of your collections. I love it and use it everyday.

Search by image doesn't work

It requires you to set a sport and there's no way to. Lame... or confusing.

Best app

This app is great for a Collectors of baseball cards

Pretty much garbage

Plenty of other card pricing apps are free. Why offer a price guide app, and then hide the prices behind a pay wall? I might as well just go to my local LGS and get their price range, and it'd probably cost me less in gas. Pretty disappointed here.


Is this a free app

Really bummed

Received an email with a deal of 30 for the magazine and I think 150 for all digital services for a year. Well all I get is baseball cards which I do have but my collection consists of lots of things. I was also going to sign up for the grading service. I am thinking I will go psa now

Great App Price Guide

i'm biased being a Beckett baseball cards price guide subscriber, but i'd like to believe if i weren't, i would still adore this app for its simplicity and information.

Great tool

This is a great tool! Bug fixes I. The past have made it very user friendly! I love this app because it helps me keep other traders and card sellers honest, anywhere anytime!

OPG awful

If you want this for the price guide or because you assume it's convenient - don't. It's not. Browser version is much faster somehow.

Don't waste your time

I downloaded this app and spent an hour trying to fine ONE CARD from my collection. I tried the scanner (awesome idea) it didn't even come close. I typed in every combination of some really common cards. Still haven't found one match. install to delete time 2 hours. Garbage.

It's okay, but could be so much better

I love having access to my collection on the go, but the user experience is truly awful. Much work could be done to make this app a pleasant experience.

UFC? Cryptozoic products?

I can't look up my UFC cards anymore. This needs to be fixed. I'm sure all the other UFC collectors would agree. Also, I just got cards from Gotham & The Flash, put out by Cryptozoic, and it seems like they've erased those, too. All of this decreases the value of the description, but you can bet it doesn't decrease the price! If anyone else is angry about this, LET THEM KNOW!

So much potential but disappointing

I have most of my collection in here but the app design needs work. If you try searching for a card you have to go through a lot of hoops to search again. The app is not forgiving. If I type Henderson it'll say "no matches" even though I have dozens of cards. If I get out and go back into the app and search again it'll find all of them. Anyway, I'm hoping they invest more time into it.

Awesome app

Love this new version, everything is right at your fingertips. I can easily scroll through the cards by player, year or manufacturer much faster.


After looking at a card and its details, can you please let us press the set so we can see the other cards, just like on the website online? Thanks

Update is great

Great update. No longer just a price guide, lets you see your collection in the app


Old app was better

So far, so good

Just got the app. Seems to be ok, other than asking to rate it every time you log in..... We'll see.

Generally works, but flawed

Occasional crashes aside, the basic functionality is there (for a monthly fee). The design is buggy and there isn't much in the way of options. And while you have to pay two separate subscription fees, there's no way to sync accounts or access other web content. The app is basically just a porthole to their pricing database and nothing more. You can easily do the same with just your web browser, therefore only needing to pay for one subscription. Essentially, the app is redundant and therefore the money you pay for it to be functional is a waste. Ideally, the future would see Beckett finding a way to make the app work more in conjunction with all of their web content; a way to have all the access you're paying for in one place with the app.

Of no use

If I can't access my organization what good is this app?

The worst

The worst app ever I pay for the month and I can't see the price. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!!


Apparently I have to pay an ADDITIONAL monthly "mobile" fee to be able to view my existing Beckett account with this App. If so, what's the point? I can just log into my account via the website on my mobile device at no additional cost. Not as efficient but I'm not paying extra for functionality that should be included.

I Want a full refund

This app does not work anymore.

Worthless if it doesn't sync

Doesn't recognize what I've paid for or show my Organize. Please get with the times and get your services mobile. Thanks

No use to me

If I can not access Organize this app is of no use. Sent a message 5 days ago asking how to access Organize on my I Pad. No answer yet.

Account won't sync with app

Why won't my Beckett account sync with the app? I already own an annual football pricing guide subscription and can see it under my account info on the app. However, when I look up a card, it asks for me to subscribe. Fix the bug please. App is useless if I can't sync it to my account.


9 of 10 players I searched for didn't show any results!!! And these are players that are super stars and have been playing for 1-5 years. Will delete instantly!


Probably the worst app I've ever used. Doesn't list all the players or card types for each brand. The concept is good but the execution is terrible.

Dead on arrival

Downloaded to my iPad and it shows the splash screen then crashes. Cant even get to the logon screen. Cant rate well if i cant use it.

Does not work

Tried to log in with my Beckett account. Gave me an OK button and then nothing. Searches result in no data.

Rip off

This should be free Beckett should be free the fact that you charge is why Beckett is Dead and everybody uses eBay 9 dollars a month to check prices that are the same as last month when ppl just go in to the hobby shop and use there Beckett or use eBay smh yall need to regroup and get it right

Glitchy, lot of kinks to fix

First what I love: having Beckett in my pocket at all times is great, especially when surfing ebay or online. The interface is clean and easy to use. Unfortunately at this time that's where the good ends. The app is simply not finished. There is a lot of missing data (ex. 2000 bowman football is missing, many other brands not yet uploaded). You can't search by name, and when I try to log in my price subscription does not load. The screen constantly freezes, forcing me to reload the app. Please fix and finish getting all of the data uploaded. Pictures of the cards is a great addition, but the data is more important first. You could even ask the subscribers with the cards to upload photos for you, but I digress. Decent first start, but needs some serious refining.

Don't waste your time

You need to buy another (mobile) subscription to use the app effectively. As if they don't already overcharge for a subscription, now you must buy 2 to use the app and the online version. Not worth it. End the monopoly.

Just will not work right

I go online with no problem to see prices but app will not let me log in to check them fix this and it would be 5 star but till works right bad app

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